Mammukka The Priest Assures Of Eerie Fest For Mystery Lovers

Mammukka The Priest Assures Of Eerie Fest For Mystery Lovers

15 Jan 21 @ 5:37 PM | By GitacharYa

Continuing his stream of a variety of films in different genres since Peranbu, Megastar Mammootty is now coming up with another novel subject. The Priest may or may not have taken inspiration from the recent real life incidents. The biggest selling point of this film apart from the man himself, is the presence of lady superstar Manju Warrier. It is very hard to believe but a fact that it is the first ever collaboration between the two of the biggest talents in the industry.

Coming to the film, it appears to be a mixed genre film. Primarily a thriller with some investigation going on (obviously something is missing - even in the trailer, of course may be hidden) with a dash of horror element. Manju Warrier is anxiety personified  and is trying to tell something that's scarcely believable. Mammukka is his usual assured self looked terrific in new avatar as the eponymous Priest. There's an aura of mystery surrounding him too.

The teaser hints at some presence of supernatural element at play right at the beginning: "If you believe it or not, it us said that there's some dark force which is beyond scientific theories." Is what the opening voice over says. We can also understand that camera plays an important part in the narration of this film. The makers are successful in creating curiosity without giving away the plot of the film.

The Priest is one of the biggest Malayalam films to hit the screens post the Lockdown closure of theatres.


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