Ever Green Malayalam Comedy Movies Of All Time

Ever Green Malayalam Comedy Movies Of All Time

24 Nov 18 @ 2:58 PM

Malayalam cinema is a glorious hotchpotch of all the different genres and sub-genres. But be it any genre, you wouldn't find a Malayalam movie that hasn't been made with a subtle dab of humor and comedy. All thanks to the Malayali's indefinite love for laughs and the sophisticated taste and sense of humor that can be traced to the very culture, politics and other art forms of the God's own country, the finest films of Mollywood are also in fact the best Malayalam comedy movies you would ever watch.

Comedy Malayalam movies are more than just funny; they range from being jocular and liberating to cynical and dark. There is sharp witt and satire; criticism and mocking. Sometimes you would find it in the most unlikely places and improbable situations, taking you by surprise and leaving you to laugh those big belly laughs.

The old Malayalam comedy movies, especially the ones that came out in 1950s and 60s, were filled with social criticism and humor was used brilliantly to endorse rationalism and show the social stigmas and superstitions in a poor light. They also mocked modernity and always made fun of modern (read: westernized) men and women. Popular comedy characters of the times were always the hippies, the lady's club members who wore sleeveless blouses and sported shades, and the city-returned who awfully live a stylish life.

And then came the era of sidekicks; the men who accompanied the hero everywhere and handled the humor department, so often by making a fool out of himself. Prem Nazir and Bhasi to Mohanlal and Sreenivasan and most recently, Dileep and Harishree Ashokan; malayalam comedy movies over the years brought out evergreen combos who performed with superlative on-screen chemistry. Although sidekicks eventually appeared slightly smart and often competing with the hero, hero-centered and superstar movie couldn't do away with them.

However, latest Malayalam comedy films are entirely different. Humor is inspired by the grit of everyday life, personality traits and quirks of characters, to their immediate surroundings and the general anxieties . Lead protagonists are more earthy and is often made fun of while sidekicks have become more or less expendable. A tinge of cynicism, and sometimes, dark and diabolic shades are seen in latest Malayalam comedy movies; reflecting life in a more profound sense.

Here is our list of best Malayalam comedy movies which are effortlessly hilarious, brilliant with rib-tickling dialogues and supremely slapstick.