Mahesh vs Tarak - Who’ll Trivikram Choose? Here Is The Truth

Mahesh vs Tarak - Who’ll Trivikram Choose? Here Is The Truth

9 Oct 20 @ 3:52 PM | By GitacharYa & Jilani

Right from the moment Mahesh tweeted that Khaleja is the movie that reinvented him as an actor and openly thanked the director Trivikram Srinivas on its 10th anniversary, speculations started that he’s going to collaborate with the writer-director soon. To add fuel to this, Mahesh too mentioned in the post that he wants to work with him soon. Everyone took this as they are going to work together for a film.

In he meantime, gossip-mangers who always see negative side of any news started spreading rumours that after Sarkaru Vaari Paata, Mahesh will do a movie with Trivikram. They even went to the extent of saying Trivikram’s movie with NTR will be put on hold for this movie. But if we logically think, Mahesh several times expressed his wish to work with a director soon. But not many came out in reality.

And after Sarkaru, Mahesh won’t have a huge gap till Rajamouli film. That’s why as we have earlier mentioned, he’ll try to work for another film with quick schedules or as it’s nearly confirmed, he’ll have an extended cameo in F3 where he’s needed to shoot for it for a month at most. So, even if Trivikram movie is confirmed, he won’t be doing it (as it’s a major film) in a rush. That means, their combination won’t be repeating anytime soon. Tarak-Trivikram movie after RRR is very much on.

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