Luca Alias Johnny Review: Gorgeous Dreamy And Surrealistic Love Story

Luca Alias Johnny Review: Gorgeous Dreamy And Surrealistic Love Story

7 Mar 21 @ 5:10 PM | By GitacharYa

Luca is the Story of a scrap artist whose fear of death is no scrap at all. He has anger issues rose from his childhood Trauma he faced during and in the aftermath of his mother’s death. He doesn’t know the force of love that keeps his emotions in check. It is 2018 and Kochi Biennale is taking place (an international exhibition of contemporary art held in the city of Kochi in Kerala. It is the largest art exhibition in the country and the biggest contemporary art festival in Asia. The Kochi-Muziris Biennale is an initiative of the Kochi Biennale Foundation with support from the Government of Kerala). 

This Aha Video presentation begins with an unexpected happening. This leads to an investigation by a police officer - Akbar whose life is on the verge of breakdown. He has his own demons to fight against because of the failed love life and the ongoing divorce procedure with his wife Fathima. He happens to read a diary that is related to Luca and his stunning love story with Niharika. 

Niharika thinks of Luca as a mad man when she first encounters him because of how he reacts to her simple remarks. But once she gets to her senses (of course it’s not her mistake in any way), she apologies to him. She moves to his house as a paying guest. She comes to know of his past and wants to become the medicine he needs to believe the past is past and the present is his present. She becomes his comfort point whenever he gets panic attacks because of his fear about death. 

Niharika, despite her calming presence and mature demeanour is not free of trouble. She was a victim of childhood abuse from a close relative and lost the It for love. Luca’s unwavering pure and  intense love for her plays a role in making her to come out of her shell. Just when things are going smooth for them, Luca who’s afraid of death gets diagnosed with Stage-4 cancer. Niharika receives the jolt of her life. 

Reading all this in the diary, Akbar solves the case and settles matters in his life. What’s the relation of Luca and Niharika to the case? How the diary helps Akbar? Watch the film with terrific dubbing work as usual. 

The cinematography of the film is from another world. The musical score is right out of musical heaven. But the glorification of death and the related pain may not be in good taste for all. It’s not a film for everyone. But Luca is a piece of art. And deserves rapt appreciation for being what it is. 

Arun Bose direction is inch perfect for what he wanted to express in the film. The writing by Bose and Mridul George is neat. There is a lot of depth in the happenings. But the depth could be shallow depth too. The production values are top notch. Highly recommended for world movie buffs and budding filmmakers. 

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 

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