Like NTR Kracked Up Ravi Teja Getting Ready For Long Haul Of Success

Like NTR Kracked Up Ravi Teja Getting Ready For Long Haul Of Success

18 Jan 21 @ 4:50 PM | By GitacharYa & Jilani

No actor in recent memory who had seen such a downtime in his career with multiple flops turn the tables in a manner similar to Ravi Teja did with Krack. The failure streak of Mass Maharaj goes back to 2015 if we remove the one of success of Raja The Great. And to think of a proper blockbuster, it's more than a decade. But that his stardom is intact goes to the fact that he's one of the most loved actors of all time who's connected to the audience at a personal level.

The same has happened with Young Tiger N. T. R. Since Simhadri, with the exception of Rajamouli's Yama Donga and a couple of hits here and there, he has not seen a success an actor if his calibre deserves. But he turned the tables with Temper which was also a police story. An emotionally charged one at that. Just like Tarak did (Dayaa Gaadi Dandayaatra) in 2015, Ravi Teja has invaded the box office with Krack when everyone expected the least.

Krack has not just faced the odds like just his failures and huge competition. The release was uncertain in the 11th hour and a day of free hand lost. Still like a phoenix he has risen and delivered the Sankranthi winner with an epic blockbuster. Now, after a long long time has has a genuinely brilliant lineup with several notable and exciting directors. Surprisingly not a single film was because of the success of Krack. Every film was okayed long before Krack hit the screens.

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