Lessons Producers To Learn From V Fiasco

Lessons Producers To Learn From V Fiasco

24 Sep 20 @ 1:52 PM | By GitacharYa & Jilani

Even as the OTT releases are increasing with every passing day, the makers and Star heroes couldn't understand the intricacies of the experience of watching films on the smaller handsets. The negative talk received by Natural Star Nani's V spread out like wildfire within a couple of hours since the movie started airing. What if such negative talk spread for a theatrical release, at least there would be a second opinion as at least first weekend tickets are booked.

Those who booked tickets might watch it. And just like iSmart Shankar there's a good chance that the Indraganti Mohan Krishna film would have trumped negative talk and become a hit. People love watching films in theatres for a reason. Makers should understand that piracy couldn't be stopped once OTT releases become prelevant.

Not everyone can afford to subscribe to more than half a dozen OTT apps. But everyone can watch films in theatres because it's an experience. In theatres one can watch any movie. But on OTTs, one cannot watch a movie on an app where that person has no subscription.

Also, as time goes by, prices offered by OTTs too will come down. The reason is number of subscribers plateau and won't  increase drastically. So, better the producers think before plunging into OTT Release offers.

Sudheer Babu Nivetha Thomas Nani
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