Laugh Your Heart Out Watching 8 Comedy Scenes Of Venkatesh

Laugh Your Heart Out Watching 8 Comedy Scenes Of Venkatesh

13 Dec 18 @ 11:58 AM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Victory Venkatesh is the one of the most dignified actors in Tollywood. For decades, his film have been touted as clean entertainers which are suitable to be watched with the family. However, he is much more famous for the setting the trend where the hero is also a comedian to some extent. With his charming looks and Tarzan-like physique, Venkatesh has carved himself a niche in Tollywood with that hero cum comedian trend. Although he is 55, the actor still retains his boyish charm which he had when he debuted in 1986. To liven up your day, we've a compiled some of his best comedy clips that showcased his hilarious talent to the best extent possible.

  1. Adavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule

    In this scene Venkatesh tags along a party of women who are out for shopping. From there, he is troubled by various things and how he fixes all of them. The scene where washes the butts of some kids is absolutely funny.

  2. Chintakayala Ravi

    Venkatesh attends a job interview in this scene. The way he shamelessly justifies his shabby academic record is just awesome. Another scene where he attends a computer exam is also well directed. In a radio interview, Venkatesh said that the shocked look which he gives when he sees the complex question paper is one of his personal favourites.
  3. Kalisundham Raa

    This scene is uproarious. Venkatesh along with Rallapalli meet Sri Hari under the guise of fortune tellers. When Venkatesh exceeds his limits, Sri Hari unleashes his dog which chases the disguised duo. The part where the dog laughs is so creative that this became a memorable comedy scene.

  4. Malliswari

    Venkatesh is a bachelor who is desperate to get married. He is in love with Katrina Kaif and dogs her everywhere. One evening, he is desperate to meet her and he irritates many people before reaching her. How those people exact their revenge is quite hilarious.
  5. Namo Venkatesa

    This comedy scene is the only saving grace of this predictable film. Venkatesh and Bhrami decide to infiltrate a mansion during the dark. To avoid detection, they dress up in black robes and smear themselves with oil to slip away if they are caught. The way they infiltrate and the part where Venky tries to save Brahmi is hilarious.
  6. Nuvvu Naaku Nachav

    This comedy cum emotional blockbuster is known for its quirky and funny dialogues. Venkatesh is a carefree youth who falls in love with Aarthi, a high-class woman, who reciprocates his feelings. As he knows his place, he backs out from the affair which leaves his ladylove fuming with anger. To express her rage, Aarthi does something that is better seen than described.

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  8. Subhash Chandra Bose

    Venkatesh is a carefree youngster who has his own good-for-nothing gang. He and his gang are interviewed by Genelia, a TV journalist. Their shameless reactions when the TV programme is broadcast are awesome. The programme name is also bound to make you laugh.
  9. Vasu

    Venkatesh manages to make us laugh without uttering many dialogues in this comedy scene. He sees Bhumika waiting at the bus stop and decides to interact with her. However, he puts his hand on a bar which has been freshly painted. Obliviously, he puts that paint-smeared hand to his face and dons a frightful appearance. What ensues next will make you laugh your head off.