Kshana Kshanam Retro Review - RGV’s Tribute To Sridevi Works Wonders

Kshana Kshanam Retro Review - RGV’s Tribute To Sridevi Works Wonders

9 Apr 20 @ 6:18 PM | By GitacharYa

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The premise

After all the self confessed manipulations, Ram Gopal Varma received the opportunity to direct a film. And lending the basic plot of Bruce Lee’s Way if the Dragon and another popular Hindi film, he spun a film around the crime that surrounded and absorbed the students and young men in the city with Shiva. Before Shiva there was no one named Ram Gopal Varma. After Shiva the name has become a brand.Yes.

Anyone may get a hit with the initial novelty factor of an enthusiastic and knowledgeable youngster. Also, as he himself said, he is no small way helped by his experienced assistants and the already renowned cinematographer. Now what? Is that success a fluke? Or the young director who gave a new lease of life to Nagarjuna who is the son of an iconic legend of Telugu Cinema has real substance? The answer is Kshana Kshanam. Let’s see how he fared with Kshana Kshanam review.

Wafer thin story

The story of the film is wafer thin. A rowdy boss, Nayar, steals Rs. 1 Cr. and is betrayed by one of his accomplices. Then that accomplice is nabbed and tortured to reveal the key to the loot. The guy has hidden the key in an envelope and it accidentally reaches the unsuspecting middle class young lady. She’s a working woman.

On the other side is the a small time thief Chandu played by an excellent Venkatesh who had just become a star on his own. When police are found in his vicinity, he thinks they are after him. Meanwhile one of the goons of Nayar penetrates our heroine’s (aptly named Satya) room. In her confusion at this sudden development and frightened, our heroine accidentally kills the goon. Her neighbour alerts the police for murder and after a few tricky moments, Chandu who thinks the police are after him keeps nabs Satya as his cover and escapes into the jungle.

What happens next is an epic journey through the jungle, city, gloomy and claustrophobic rooms and finally a train top.

Varma is here to stay

Kshana Kshanam is very unlike anything Telugu Cinema has ever seen. Even Shiva pales in comparison with the setting of this film. What an amazing ride it is! And peppered with memorable characters who are outright frightening and funny.

Ram Gopal Varma who treats Sridevi as an angel finally received a boon from the actress after repeated trials and what a boon it is! She acted in his - one film old sensation. Opposite an upcoming star hero who might be younger than her. Or at least in stature. Her character is a tribute offered by Varma to his goddess. And she nailed it is an understatement.

While Varma has taken the help of legends like Ilaiyaraja for his first film, it is another youngster M. M. Keeravani who scored the music for this film. Each and every song is a gem. And every sound used as background score is a wonder. It’ll take a lot to desert each and every shot of the film. And the musical beat of it. The cinematography is a revelation. Varma introduces neo noir and road movie genres to Telugu Cinema. And boy! Is it all realistic! Classic is a small word to describe this film. Ram Gopal Varma is here to stay!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa 

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