Krishna And His Leela OTT Release: Profit And Loss Analysis

Krishna And His Leela OTT Release: Profit And Loss Analysis

14 Oct 20 @ 10:42 AM | By GitacharYa

Small movie - First direct-release success 

Krishna And His Leela is the new-age romantic comedy drama that was one of the earliest films to have a direct OTT release. And this is the first ever direct OTT release of a mainstream movie to be declared a hit with the audience. The movie received mostly mixed reviews with the screenplay being commented upon as confusing and lacking clarity of thought. But still, the youth connected to the characters of Krishna, Sathya, Radha, and Rukshar. 

Profits for the makers

The Ravikanth Perepu directorial was sold to two OTTs - Netflix and Aha Video. Netflix bagged the streaming rights for about Rs. 2.41 Cr., while Aha poured about Rs. 2.12 Cr. for the film. The film was made on a budget of 1.1 Cr. Suresh Productions which is nowadays encouraging new talents bagged the distribution rights for 1.45 Cr. In this way, the original makers made a handsome profit of Rs. 0.35 Cr. even before the OTT deals are finalised. 

So, when talking about OTT Release profits and losses, we consider Suresh Production as the profit-maker now. Removing the promotions and other incidental expenses, Suresh Productions bagged about Rs. 2.89 Cr. in their pockets. That’s a good deal for them. Satellite rights will make more profits. The satellite rights are said to have gone for Rs. 1.55 Cr. Another Rs. 0.60 Cr. came out of Hindi dubbing rights. So, Suresh Productions netted a profit which is more than 3 times of what they have spent. 

What about OTTs?

So, the makers and Suresh Productions made solid profits. Then what about the OTT apps? Netflix release bagged in excess of 1.1 million unique views while Aha version bagged about 0.81 million unique views. Netflix generated a revenue of Rs. 3.5 Cr. and Aha generated a revenue of about Rs. 2.56 Cr. So, both the OTTs have seen profits. With both the makers and OTTs making profits, we can say Krishna And His Leela a...

Verdict: Blockbuster 

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