Kracked Ravi Teja Rides Bengal Tiger Into Success?

Kracked Ravi Teja Rides Bengal Tiger Into Success?

8 Jan 21 @ 1:30 PM | By GitacharYa

It's criminally unfortunate that an actor and a star of Ravi Teja calibre has to suffer one flop after another so much so that his market value depreciates. Of course, it's his choices all right. But the filmmakers who approach him should also have been thinking a bit innovatively. But he persevered. His hard working nature and the fan love he commands helped him stage a sort of mini recovery of sorts now during the pandemic, as he received many offers.

But right now, the eyes of all his fans are glued to their smartphones to BookTheirShows tomorrow as Krack trailer promises a slick action thriller. Now, we caught wind of the industry talk from our sources. As per that buzz, the film where he plays a powerful cop might have a routine story, the presentation and narration are different to some extent. Also, the reports say that the movie will easily get classified as an above average venture.

Means, Krack is going to be a box office success, if it utilizes the 4 day window it currently has at the ticket counters. As the Telugu movie buffs are craving for a full on Ravi Teja style of film, it's enough to push this Gopichand Malineni film to the next level. Let's wait and see. We guess, it'll perform better than one of his  his last big hits, Bengal Tiger.

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