Koratala Siva - The Vision, Success, and The Impact

Koratala Siva - The Vision, Success, and The Impact

16 Jun 20 @ 4:01 PM | By Satya Srinivas


Koratala Siva - this name is synonymous with 100% success if we take a look at all the mainstream commercial directors of recent Telugu Cinema. Within just a few years since his debut, Koratala Siva has become one of the most trusted, respected, and above all successful directors of Tollywood. He doesn’t just deliver hits, he delivers career biggest hits to his heroes who are not any random medium-range heroes but top star heroes with illustrious careers. But if we take a look at Koratala Siva’s career and his future lineup, there are some common points.

Koratala’s USP and Success Formula:

Like every director, Koratala too has his own USP - Unique Selling Point. Social message. Yes, you read it right. Social message in a mainstream commercial Telugu Cinema. Sounds interesting right? But there is a high chance that audiences will mistake it to be a melodramatic documentary. This is when Koratala’s excellent writing skills come in handy. He writes equally good heroism elevation scenes and executes them to perfection.

Few other common points that are a part of Koratala Siva’s films are sharp dialogues, subtle performances, right publicity, and excellent styling of heroes. Speaking of publicity, Koratala doesn’t hesitate to reveal the main point of his stories through teasers, trailers, or even in pre-release interviews. His confidence in his screenplay and his heroes’ acting capabilities could be the reason for this.

Weak Points In Koratala’s Films:

Every director has some sort of weak zone and it is the writing of climax portions in Koratala’s films. All the films have similar climaxes with hero bashing up a batch of goons single-handedly. That is not bad but the way it is shown looks hurried in most of Koratala’s films and this can surely be taken care of by Koratala Siva in the future.

One more thing that is not so good in Koratala Siva’s films is the way comedy tracks are written. Yes, comedy should necessarily be part of a movie based on the story’s style or narration. But Telugu audiences do expect it. Till the point this mindset doesn’t change, Koratala has to come up with something interesting unlike the comedy tracks of Vennela Kishore in Srimanthudu or Brahmi’s homesick track in Mirchi, etc.

What To Expect:

Koratala Siva is currently working with Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s film titled Acharya. Working with the biggest commercial film star hero of Tollywood with abundant acting talent could be Koratala’s dream come true moment. For the clever director he is, we can expect him to be coming up with all guns flaring both entertainment and message wise. His next project could be with his Janatha Garage star Jr NTR and we except this film to be much bigger than Janatha Garage as Tarak will hopefully be a pan-India star by then.


The success Koratala Siva is enjoying currently did not come in a day or two. He started his career almost 2 decades ago and worked as a writer for many years. His vast experience is the reason he is delivering hit movies consistently and we sincerely hope that Acharya too becomes the biggest hit in the careers of Chiranjeevi and Koratala Siva.

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