Keerthy Suresh Miss India OTT Release: Profits And Losses Analysis

Keerthy Suresh Miss India OTT Release: Profits And Losses Analysis

22 Sep 20 @ 3:13 PM | By GitacharYa

Ever since Penguin hit the OTTs, and went on to become a profitable venture for the streaming giant Amazon Prime Video, Keerthy Suresh found a new fandom. Though not too vocal and too huge, several of North Indian audience started to talk about her talents and want to see her in bigger roles in Hindi or at least pan-India films.

The commercial success (critical failure notwithstanding) of the film made Netflix to offer the producers of another Keerthy Suresh film - Miss India - a good deal. As expected, the female oriented film directed by Narendra Nath boasts of an array of highly talented actors.

Now, as per our close sources, who are generally very reliable, the movie is sold for a price of Rs. 11.09 Cr. Made on a budget of around Rs. 5.87 Cr., the Mahesh S. Koneru production gained a solid Rs. 5.22 Cr. initial profit.

That’s not all. The satellite right are optioned at Rs. 8.41 Cr. (not finalised officially but there won’t be much change in the figure as per our sources. If anything, we’ll update). Music rights also brought up another Rs. 40 Lakhs. All this makes up for about (removing the incidental costs) a huge profit of 13.66 Cr.

So, we can say, Miss India is a blockbuster for the makers as Penguin was. Now the only question is: how will it perform for the OTT giant. And how’ll it be received by the critics and general public. We’ll update those details once the movie releases. The movie is expected to hit our small screens during Dasara.

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