Ka Pae Ranasingam Opening Weekend Collections: What Do They Reveal?

Ka Pae Ranasingam Opening Weekend Collections: What Do They Reveal?

8 Oct 20 @ 5:10 PM | By GitacharYa


Finally we have seen a big mainstream movie with a star hero releasing in the pay-per-view format on an OTT - Ka Pae Ranasingam starring Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi . We have previously known the audacious attempt of Ram Gopal Varma trying the same with his RGV World Theatre and he scored a huge huge success with his film Power Star. But that was a film which was promoted using controversies, and War with fans. It's not even a feature film. It's, after all, an extended short film of about 35 minutes.

But Ka Pae Ranasingam is feature film, made on commercial scale, and was aimed for a traditional theatre release. How did it perform!? As per our sources, the number of tickets sold for the first day of its release are about 72,551 tickets. The ticket price, as you have already known, was fixed at Rs. 199. On the second day, despite generally positive reviews, the number of tickets sold came down to 94,251. And finally on the third day of the weekend Zee Plex sold approximately 1,08,000 tickets.

So, in total, the opening weekend collections stand at Rs. 5.47 Cr. With this number of people who watched it are: 2,74,802. If the OTT-Makers split of revenue is at 20-80 as was revealed, the makers gained about Rs. 4.37 Cr. Ka Pae Ranasingam is made on a budget of nearly Rs. 21 Cr. So, the film has to earn 5 times the current Makers' share. Will this be possible?

In case of theatrical environment, the movie would have been sold at about Rs. 32 Cr. which is general market potential of a 'Hit' Vijay Sethupathi film. Advance bookings for at least one week based on buzz and a higher number of theatres all would have added much more to the collections. But now the audience are slowly getting accustomed to watch movies at home in the comfort of their chosen time. Unless there is an absolutely bonkers positive talk, films recouping anything more than 15 Cr. within a few days is neigh impossible.

Add to this, OTT Release made it easy for the piracy makers to bring the movie into torrents and other peer shared platforms within no time. Unless makers take extreme measures or take innovative stance, we cannot expect pay-per-view work for anything above a budget of Rs. 10 Cr. Audience are in no mood to pay extra for to watch a film that'll anyway be aired on television when they have to pay subscription fee to at least 2 or 3 OTT services. No. Not in near future. Bad luck Vijay S.

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