K. G. F.: Chapter 2 Trailer Review: A New Promise That Better Be Kept

K. G. F.: Chapter 2 Trailer Review: A New Promise That Better Be Kept

8 Jan 21 @ 2:57 PM | By GitacharYa

An epic!

Always starts with a promise made and a death that plunges someone who's about to become a hero into action.The promise was made. And Rocky Bhai nearly fulfills it in the first part of the much talked about Kannada action thriller K. G. F. It's not just a promise made to his mother, but also a promise made by the filmmaker Prashanth Neel to the Indian movie buffs of delivering an epic of fantastical action backed by heart thumping emotions.

The trailer of this second part hit the internet amid the concerns of leakage (anticipation is so high, you know?) and went on to rake in millions upon millions of views. But the success of the trailer isn't just because of the anticipation. If that was the case, the thing would have already died (gone) down after initial euphoria.

Right from the moment the first image of the mother seeking promise to the subtle low angle shot of Yash showing his swagger after a shooting (guns, not photo session buddies) session, the visuals capture our attention. Forget photography, forget background score, quirky camera angles, and loud elevations. It's just pure cinematic pleasure watching this.

A journey that started with smaller steps was abruptly stopped for suspense. Now, it's time to deliver. And if this trailer's any indication, Prashanth Neel delivers on the promise as much as Rocky Bhai delivers his word to his mother. The only nitpickings are: Sanju Baba may be a powerful villain but he's gonna be a caricature. While Raveena Tandon is going to make a mark as a politician (?), the lead lady is relegated to being an ornament.

If we could count on the repeated viewing of the 2 minute 15 seconds long trailer, at least 25% of the viewers might have watched it 4 times at least. This writer wouldn't be talking about this one now had it not for the powerful imagery that made the trailer such a huge success. Just, for fun's sake mute the music and watch it.

The world needs a bit of heroic outlet to come out of this induced slumber courtesy the pandemic.



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