Juvva Movie Review | Complete Analysis Of Juvva Review & Rating

Juvva Movie Review | Complete Analysis Of Juvva Review & Rating

23 Feb 18 @ 5:53 PM | By Team Pycker

Juvva Movie Review

Ranjit, a guy from non-filmy background trying to test his luck in Telugu Film Industry as a lead actor. He played the lead role in Juvva, directed by Triekoti Peta. Ranjit paired with Palak Lalwani in this Sommi Films production. Mega Star Chiranjeevi launched the teaser and wished the cast and crew luck. With superb promotions aiding this film, the audience started to take notice of Juvva. We can see whether the curiosity created by the promotions of this film are placed well or not in Juvva review.

The story of this film is seen million times in movies. A boy named Basavaraj loves a girl Shruthi in his childhood. But the twist here is he kills the principal of is school when he tries to keep him in order. The girl’s family feels embarrassed, and shifts to another time. The girl changes her name to Aadhya in order to forget that bad memory. The boy who killed the principal is sentenced 14 years jail term. Now when she grows up, Raana (played by Ranjith) loves her. As the fate dictates in movies, Basavaraj gets released from the jail. Now it’s time for Raana to protect his love from the psychotic Basavaraj. How Raana succeeds in defeating Basavaraj, and get his girl is rest of the story. Sounds familiar? A certain Jayam by Teja.

Coming to the performances of the artists, Ranjith did a good job as the lead man. His dialogue delivery is good, and screen presence is okay. He showed great ease in dances. Palak Lalwani is very cute in looks, and her performance is decent. The guy who played Basavaraj could have been better. The boy who played Basavaraj in childhood is terrific. Comedy generated by Posani Krishna Murali, Sapthagiri, Ali, Raghu Babu elicit few good laughs in the first half. Rest of the cast did okay.

The story of this film is as routine as it gets. The screenplay is lacklustre. It is said that the director wanted Jintha Tha Tha as the title of this film. Rajamouli wisely said no, and Juvva is fixed. Direction by Triekoti Peta is good in some places but found lacking in many areas. Dialogues by M. Ratnam are good, especially those written for the hero are very neat.

Cinematography by Suresh Ragutu is very good. M. M. Keeravani never disappoints no matter how small a film is. He gave good music to songs. The background score is first-rate. He made the film bearable with his work. Editing could have been better. The film lags at places. Production values of this film are top class. You don’t get you are watching a small film made by inexperienced producers.

Overall, Juvva is a disappointing film for both the hero Ranjith and the makers. The film starts with a childhood episode like Jayam, and the first half depended greatly on comedy which worked for some part. The second half of the film is about how the hero protects his lady love and goes on endlessly with the predictable screenplay. Screenplay and direction of this film are not up to the mark. Routine story and script played the spoilsport. Triekoti who gave a decent film like Dikkulu Chudaku Ramayya previously failed to make Juvva a memorable film. Not a film to spend your hard earned money this week.

Juvva Movie Preview

What Is Juvva About?

Juvva is a Telugu commercial entertainer directed by Trikoti Peta who earlier directed Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya. Juvva has created a lot of buzz owing to the aggressive promotions by the makers and because of the renowned technicians being a part of this film. Trikoti Peta has come up with a bold and controversial subject in his previous film which restricted his movie only to the multiplex audiences. This time he has chosen to come up with a regular entertainer with all the needed commercial elements.

What To Expect From Juvva?

Good Comedy

Juvva has all the most happening comedians of Tollywood in important roles. Going by the trailer, Sapthagiri has got good screen time and we can expect hilarious comedy from him in Juvva. Apart from Sapthagiri, there are a bunch of talented comedians like Posani Krishna Murali, Ali, Prabhas Seenu, Prabhakar etc who can provide loads of entertainment with their comedy.

Technically Strong Film

The story of Juvva is written by M. Rathnam who has worked as a writer for many big blockbusters of Tollywood. Adding to that he has provided the dialogues too which can be a major asset for the movie. Juvva has music by the Baahubali music director M.M. Keeravani and he has done justice by giving superb songs. The melody Anukoledhe sung by Ramya Behra and Rahul Sipligunj has turned out to be a super hit. Trikoti, on the other hand, has worked as an assistant director for over 2 decades and proved his worth as a director with his debut film. One can expect decent work from him. Apart from him, Juvva is well supported by other technicians like Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, Jaani master, Ananth Sriram and others.

Commercial Elements

Juvva, going by the trailer seems to be a perfect commercial entertainer with high voltage action sequences and catchy dance numbers. Though the storyline seems to be familiar, we can expect enough commercial elements in the movie. The songs are good enough for Ranjith to showcase his dancing skills. And Palak Lalwani has proved her mettle in her previous film Abbayi Tho Ammayi and we can expect her to be at her glamorous best in this film as well.

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