Jallikattu Telugu Review: Masterpiece! No Second Thoughts About It

Jallikattu Telugu Review: Masterpiece! No Second Thoughts About It

26 Sep 20 @ 4:37 PM | By GitacharYa

Jallikattu is a Malayalam movie through and through. It cannot be nativised even to the Tamil tastes where the actual Jallikattu - the taming of a bull - originated. But like internationally acclaimed Tamil director Vetrimaaran rightly said, the more local you go with the story, the more international your film becomes. Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Jallikattu is certainly one such film. And it was rightfully honoured in many international film festivals. 

The movie concerns that of a Buffalo which escaped from the capture of the village’s biggest butcher and the hunt to find it, tame it, and then feast on it. Everyone wants to corner it and get it as a prized possession right from the meekest of the villagers to the mighty Kuttachan who’s arrival is accompanied by the chorus of villagers in anticipation. 

The movie is as much Lord of Flies is an allegory to the machinations of the adult men in a decaying society - shown in the form of a tale of stranded kids on an island as it is another variation of how the lack of a heroic figure quickly deteriorates a society into a bunch of brutish primitives. 

Right from the first frame to the haunting visuals of the final few moments Jallikattu keeps your eyes glued to the screen. Watching it in Telugu enhances the effect to the next level. The dubbing is done very well. The dialogues captured the essence of the original. If you cannot watch it in Malayalam without subs, you better watch it in Telugu and enjoy the action than looking at the subtitles and missing some of it. 

For a detailed analysis of the movie, check our review for the Malayalam version here. 


Highly recommended

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

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