Is Superstar Mahesh Playing Godfather For Young Talents?

Is Superstar Mahesh Playing Godfather For Young Talents?

25 Aug 20 @ 11:28 AM | By GitacharYa

Despite the fan wars and all, everyone loves and respects superstar Mahesh on and off the screen. The reason is his behaviour is obvious. He's very casual in his outlook, talks with wit and has an answer to every question shot at him. His philanthropy and other charitable works not withstanding, he's the first among the big heroes to initiate off-screen bonding between the star heroes to show fans they are all one family.

Now, it appears that he's turning his attention for wider implications of this. It is known that in the film industry, it would be very very tough for youngsters to sustain without godfathers. We have seen how Uday Kiran's life turned tragical. And how his own family's support lifted Nithiin after more than a dozen flops and career lows. Observing this Mahesh is slowly building a platform for young actors through his ventures.

It can be seen from the fact that he's producing a film - Major - with the talented Adivi Sesh under his own banner GMB Entertainment. This is a good idea. Apart from co-producing his own films, that a star hero making films with upcoming actors is great to see. We have known Nara Rohit too produced films with Sree Vishnu (Needi Naadi Oke Katha) but both of them are friends from the beginning.

Mahesh is also in plans to produce a film with Sharwanand and is seeking a script. We all know how supportive he is of for Vijay Deverakonda. He attended the functions of his films and openly supporting him many times. There are also talks that Mahesh is planning to produce a film with the young actor. Also, he's diverting some of the subjects he thinks that suit Vijay D to him. All this makes for a healthy atmosphere in the industry.

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