Is Mollywood betting safe with small-budget films?

Is Mollywood betting safe with small-budget films?

11 Jan 21 @ 12:21 PM | By Divya Nair

Mollywood, the small film industry from south India has become a sort of yardstick for all film industries to emulate on how to make content-driven films with limited resources. The industry can be proud of having writers, filmmakers and performers who are capable of delivering world-class films with the entire process being wrapped up in a few days. The novel ideas and the realistic performances are two of the pivotal elements that set Malayalam films a class apart. And the beauty lies in the fact such films are done with modest budget and hence the industry faces much lesser financial losses compared to other film industries that ride high on mega films. 

But, of late, we have seen that Mollywood is overly obsessed with realistic films that do not require a grand budget or a spell-binding production work. Though, the films are content and performance-driven and the ideas work extremely well with the makers getting all the adulation for their craft, the industry needs a few more of grand films that could reach out to a wider spectrum of audience. Mollywood desperately needs pan-India films. Just as Kollywood has a Master, Sandalwood has a KGF2, Tollywood has RRR and a few others, Bollywood has Bell Bottom in addition to other interesting biggies, unfortunately Mollywood is contented with just one biggie- Marakkar in its kitty.

Perhaps, the recent  Odiyan and Mamangam debacles forced the makers to play safe and made them risk-averse. But, for an industry to grow and to expand to bigger territories, big-budget and grander scaled films are essential. Mollywood of the 80s and 90s had a mix of all genre films. But, the new millennium filmmakers do not seem to take a leaf out of their seniors' filmography and try different genres. Though we had Android Kunjappan, Helen, Kappela, Thondimuthalum Driksaakshiyum, etc., that impressed all language cinephiles, Mollywood also needs Lucifer kind of movies at least twice in a year, don't you think!

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