Is Chiranjeevi Making Sure Young Directors Never Approach Him Again

Is Chiranjeevi Making Sure Young Directors Never Approach Him Again

15 Sep 20 @ 6:43 PM | By Gitacharya & Jilani

As much as Chiranjeevi is a master actor and a great entertainer, he’s equally a master of confusion when taking up subjects. It was evident right from the moment he made his comeback with a safe project Khaidi No. 150. It has really been decades since he acted in a truly experimental film and except for Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, it is tough to find his filmography containing an out of the box film in the 21st century. Either remakes or commercial potboilers. For an actor of his stature, it’s truly baffling.

He’s always in a dilemma whether to act in a film that elevates his stature as an actor or to give a film that satisfies his fans and general audience. He has been choosing the second option for half of his career span now. This can be observed from the news related to his film after Acharya. Though it’s nearly finalised that he would do Malayalam blockbuster Lucifer remake, the confusion over the director is curiously unsettling.

Sujeeth of Saaho fame is chosen as the one to helm the film initially. He even made a few changes to suit the nativity and Chiru’s image. But the Mega Star has suggested a few changes which the young filmmaker accommodated. But suddenly V. V. Vinayak’s name cropped up as the director. Then again it is rumoured that Vinayak won’t do a film with chiru immediately and Sujeeth will helm the project with a few changes in the script.

Why not take the help of a script doctor (or experts like Paruchuri Brothers) and keep Sujeeth as the director? After all he has handled a mega budget film quite effortlessly. Just that he might need a primer in writing scripts for seniors. He’s not actually lacking in filmmaking talent.

Another similar confusion is about Bobby’s film too. The young director has come up with an original story which Chiranjeevi reportedly appreciated. But later his film is kept on hold as Chiru wants to complete Lucifer first. Now, with all the hullabaloo, Chiri May so Vedalam remake with Meher Ramesh first and then take decision on: to go with Lucifer (who’ll direct it is still in suspense) or Bobby film. If Bolly gets a chance at least then that’ll be okay. Else, the youngster will be disheartened.

If this continues, young filmmakers will be scared of approaching Chiru the Mega Star.

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