Is Chiranjeevi Making A Mistake With Remakes?

Is Chiranjeevi Making A Mistake With Remakes?

28 Apr 21 @ 12:58 PM | By Jilani & Bindu

Mega Star Chiranjeevi is one of the pillar members of Telugu Cinema. From supporting cast to top heroes, everyone in the industry takes him as a source of inspiration. Being at such a top position in the industry, many analysts have only one question-  is it advisable for Chiru to do remakes? 

When the career hit the rock bottom, playing a safe game with remake projects is understandable. Also, when the project has an innovative storyline and inspires people, then too it's acceptable. But Chiru's career is not in the doldrums. He is a superstar and filmmakers make a beeline to work with him. But still, he is filming for remakes?

When it comes to innovative subjects, Chiru is always on the frontline to encourage new talents.  But for some reason, Chiru is hell-bent to remake two projects - Lucifer and Vedalam - when there are many talented directors waiting to pen unique scripts if Chiru gives a nod to work with them. But Chiru putting aside the local talents and giving priority to remakes has upset many of his fans and trade analysts. 

Also, according to reports, the remakes are not innovative. The dubbed versions are already familiar with the Telugu audience. So, does it mean that Chiru opting for remakes is a blunder? Analysts suggest that since the projects have not yet started rolling, it would be better if Chiru reconsiders his decision and opts for original scripts for his next projects. Chiru signing innovative films will not only increase the reputation of Tollywood, but he can also encourage new talent.

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