Indian 2 Scrapped... Rs 180 Cr Washed In Vain?

Indian 2 Scrapped... Rs 180 Cr Washed In Vain?

20 Apr 21 @ 4:50 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

Is Indian 2 shelved? Rumours say YES. Of late, Indian 2 is making quite a lot of buzz in film circles with producers initiating legal action on director Shankar for putting the project on the back burner. They also claimed to have spent a whopping amount of Rs. 180 Cr on the shoot so far. Although reports about Shankar reviving the project came to the fore in the last couple of days, it looks like it is highly impossible for the project to progress any further.

Right from the inception, Indian 2 saw multiple setbacks and several creative differences. Makers have also expressed their distress about Shankar when he re-created the sets that were erected. Later, when things seem to be going fine, a major crane mishap occurred on the sets, taking the lives of three people and leaving ten injured. With makers not supporting the deceased families, Kamal Haasan and Shankar openly expressed their disappointment about the same. Later, the film faced the wrath of the corona pandemic, which halted the shoots across the globe.

With things coming to new normal a few months back, Shankar decided to revive the shooting, but producers were hesitant. With this, Shankar moved on to his next project and announced a film with Ram Charan. Despite appeasing him, the makers took legal action and moved him to court. As per the latest industry talk, Shankar who won the legal battle is miffed with makers and decided not to join the shoot.

On the other hand, even Kamal Haasan is not concerned much about the film ever since the crane mishap on the sets. All these are scenarios are fueling the reports of the project getting shelved any time soon. Only if makers try to appease Shankar with the help of Kamal, there are chances of the project to hit the floors again, else all the budget spent so far (Rs.180 Cr) will be gone in vain. Only time decides the fate of this project.

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