India - A thriving market for R-Rated OTT content

India - A thriving market for R-Rated OTT content

1 Jul 20 @ 2:41 PM | By Divya Nair

The rising popularity of the streaming sites can be attributed to the comfort it offers to the users - the time, the space and of course the monetary aspect. With the implementation of lockdown, stuck at home with no other avenue for entertainment, digital content becomes the only solace. And the users are over-burdened with online content that the OTT players are competing with each other to get the attention of the users. Studies reveal that the average attention span is a mere 8 seconds. But we are forced to prod on one pertinent question. What is the extent to which these OTT players go to pull the users to their sites?

The unprecedented growth of OTT players in India have evolved the way in which content is created and consumed. Unlike the earlier generation of audience, today's users seem to have a penchant for dark content. All kinds of content - vulgar, violent, sleaze, adult-rated are available to all subscribers in a click and as a society we have to be ashamed that many of the users are so sex-starved that they derive pleasure from watching content from legally certified platforms. And the share of R-rated content available online is a whopping 54 percent. No policing here as the market players themselves have evaluated and certified the programs. But cashing in on such adult-rated content to thrive in the market is not a good sign in the long run. Entertainment should not be derived from contents that promote sex and violence.

The access to violent and sleazy content has come in handy, thanks to OTT platforms and children too watch them inadvertently without understanding the repercussions. OTT sites are obliged to follow a code of conduct as they are partners in the mental health of the users. Dwelling in on content that may satiate the hunger of irate netizens is not what one may call responsible business. Wake up OTT players, you are answerable!

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