IMDb International Ratings: Top 18 Indian Films Of All Time

IMDb International Ratings: Top 18 Indian Films Of All Time

9 Nov 20 @ 5:59 PM | By GitacharYa

IMDb aka Internet Movie Database has now become another media platform where fans can rate their favorite star's films high and keep them on the top list. All the lousy and sometimes good films get neat highest ratings but they're not worth the sole of a beggar's shoe as nobody give a damn about these ratings. IMDb is much more than what these fans and the so-called film-raters know.

It's a platform to write genuine reviews and rate films. It's a platform where fans can meet and interact with each other indirectly by exposing their voices through reviews. They can find several lists of movies. Get news. Know about exotic films from regions unheard of till then. The trailers, the information, the details about the cast and crew wherever available, it's more than just a database and just a few notches below free encyclopedia.

As such, the consolidated ratings offered by the site to the films is always well respected. The number of people who rated a movie, the critics rating, and many other very important factors are considered before releasing highest rated films every year. Add to it the IMDb Pro is a subscription based service which is accessed by even the top most film personalities to get information or to share the same about their project. We can even access information about the most favorite films and series of some of the brightest minds of World Cinema.

Here is a list of top 18 Indian films as listed out in the IMDb international ratings. None of the recent movies from Indian Cinema which are rated as high as 9.7 or 9.8 are in the top 100. Satyajit Ray's Pather Panchali is at the top with a mere 8.5 rating. Poor Satyajit Ray has no such fans who can use bots to improve the ratings of his films. Nor can they indulge themselves in liking his films millions of times on YouTube or trend on Twitter.

Mani Ratnam's Nayakan starring the inimitable Kamal Haasan, Malayalam classic Kireedam starring Mohanlal, and the Tamil serial killer thriller Ratsasan are placed high in the list. Natural Star Nani's Jersey is the only Telugu film to be in the top 30. Superstar Rajinikanth and Mollywood Megastar Mammootty made their presence felt through Thalapathy. And no 'Thala'pathy's films are there too. Check out the top 18.

Jersey Visaaranai Aparajito Taare Zameen Par Kumbalangi Nights 3 Idiots Anand 96 Vikram Vedha Manichitrathaazhu Pariyerum Perumal Black Friday Kireedam Apur Sansar Anbe Sivam Nayakan Ratsasan Gol Maal Pather Panchali
IMDb International Ratings: Top 18 Indian Films Of All Time
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