Iconic Veena Step In Telugu Movies - It Started In Pathala Bhairavi

Iconic Veena Step In Telugu Movies - It Started In Pathala Bhairavi

20 Aug 20 @ 6:00 PM | By Gitacharya

Believe it or not! The first recognisable Veena step in Telugu Cinemas can be traced back to the epic Pathala Bhairavi. Believe it or not! It can be found in what could well be an item song! Vagaloy Vagalu. Thaluku Beluku Vagalu. That was the song. More famous for the chorus Lalaloo Lalaloo Lalalu Lalalu Lalaloo. And again believe it or not. It is the legendary comedian Padmanabham who enacted the iconic step. You can see this in the video below from 1:30.

Next the reverse mode of the step can be found in a superstar Krishna's film Jagadekaveerudu. You'll now believe. It's enacted by superstar Krishna himself in a highly catchy song with actress Indraja. Just look out for it (blink you'll miss it) at 4:00 minutes in the video below.

And then in 2002! Indra and Dayi Dayi Damma song scored by Mani Sharma and the step in a more refined manner by Lawrence Raghavan. It is now Mega Star Chiru who flashes before our eyes when we say Veena step. But we can see a very young Padmanabham too enacted the step in a elegant manner. Look at his enthusiasm as an actor in the song. Also, in Vagalo Vagalu song, the choreography is as good and modern as it gets. That's why Pathala Bhairavi is a classic and remains so even after nearly 70 years.

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