The Supernatural World Does Exist: Roohi Actor Alexx O'Nell

The Supernatural World Does Exist: Roohi Actor Alexx O'Nell

11 Mar 21 @ 4:15 PM | By Sayanee Gupta

Roohi is making headlines right now. The film starring Rajkummar Rao, Janhavi Kapoor, and Varun Sharma is the first Bollywood big-budget film to welcome the audience back in theatre. The horror-comedy also features American actor Alexx O'Nell. He plays an American journalist Tim in the movie. 

The actor is excited for the release of Roohi. He believes theatre is an integral part of film industry. and Roohi is meant to be seen in the big screens. He believes, this is an opportunity for the theatre owners that they take their customers health and safety seriously. 

In conversation with Pycker, Alexx opened up about the role and the various aspects about Roohi

How was it working with Rajkummar, Janhvi and Varun?

Working with them was a nice experience. I have worked with Rajkummar earlier in Chittagong. It was so nice to witness his rise in the industry. In the previous movie we played enemies, here in Roohi, we are friends. This is a nice change in dynamic. 
With Janhvi I have no dialogue. It was my first time working with Varun. He is a great guy. 
Hardik is a wonderful director. They are all very young and energetic. 

How is your experience with horror movies? 

I think horror-comedy is wonderful because they welcome people like me who is too scared to watch horror films. In the premiere of Roohi I saw kids! I can't watch a pure horror film regardless of who is in it. However, horror comedy takes away the terror with the storyline but it leaves you with the fright and jump scare at the same time.

Do you believe that stories like this exist or have you ever witnessed yourself? 

I have no supernatural experience but I do believe in supernatural. I believe, we are all made of energy and energy takes different forms. It has been proven that some of the energy will remain even after the body passes out. 

I think the spirit is real thing. We don't stop existing when our bodies stop existing. I do think think there is more than what we can see. Humans are only capable to seeing or hearing a narrow spectrum of the universe.

Animals, on the other hand, can see the spectrums and things we are unable to witness. There is a massive world in which we live but we can't see. this is fascinating. 


You play a role of journalist. Would you like to make any comment on contemporary journalism?
The press is not the enemy of people, they are the safeguard of the people. I believe democracy is held together by the press. Press freedom is among the most important freedom that we enjoy. Whether it is entertainment or any other type of journalism. Censorship is the enemy of people not the press, bullying is the enemy of the people, not the press. The press needs to be unfettered in India and all over the world.

Roohi has already hit the screen. We hope the film will be able to bring the audience back in the theatres. We are also looking forward to see Alexx in many more interesting projects in the future. 

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