Human-Animal Conflict - THIS MAY BE THE TRUTH

Human-Animal Conflict - THIS MAY BE THE TRUTH

3 Jun 20 @ 5:32 PM | By Divya Nair

The media is filled with the horrendous animal-abuse description of a pregnant elephant dying after eating a cracker-filled fruit in Kerala. It exploded in her mouth and had run amok but did not destroy lives or property. Finally, she died standing still in water. This is what the world knows and celebs vented their ire!

In a state that holds many temple festivals involving pachyderms, elephants are revered. You may call Keralites insane, for elephants are adored and even have fan pages on Facebook. They get funerals befitting a fallen-hero. It may be noted that the said elephant ate the fruit by herself and was not force-fed. Its death was due to human-animal conflict. The fruit was meant to trap wild boars that destroyed agricultural crops.

There is no justification for the act of using a cracker-filled fruit for killing any animal. In many parts of India, farmers use electric fencing to protect their fields from animal attacks. Cruelty is cruelty, whatever be the mode, wherever it happens. DOT! This particular incident shouldn’t be taken as a personal act of a bunch of people who targeted the animal. 

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