How Director Teja Predicted B. Com Lo Physics Long Ago?

How Director Teja Predicted B. Com Lo Physics Long Ago?

7 Dec 20 @ 12:57 PM | By GitacharYa

Nowadays almost everyone from Teluguland says one thing when they are reminded of B.Com. The expression is B.Com Lo Physics. It has long become a favourite joke and was memefied millions of time and even overused to an extent. This has been the case ever since former MLA of Vijayawada West (constituency) in Andhra Pradesh said he studied Physics as a subject in B.Com because he loves the subject. 

That he was trolled is an understatement and the expression has become a part of vernacular with several variations all pointing to the same meaning. But not many might remember this aggressively funny B.Com and Physics connection was first made by director Teja in his sensational blockbuster Nuvvu Nenu.

There’s a scene in the film where humiliated by the comments of the heroine and her friends, the hero’s gang goes to the library to fetch books to study well. There’s that almighty funny comedy scene (for those days) and the team members take all sorts of books that they think give them an image as studious students. Among those books is a telephone directory which was taken by Sunil (Accounts Cheddamani dialogue) and the lady who’s the librarian beats him. 

In the same scene when the hero played by Uday Kiran picks up books from the floor after being chided by the heroine, she sees a physics textbook in the bundle of books he holds. She asks him whether he knows what subjects are there in B.Com. Well, not just an MLA who became an unfortunate troll material but also the protagonist from a blockbuster movie got involved in B.Com Lo Physics. Don’t know how director Teja conceived of this scene. But a funny coincidence it is. Check the video below (2:44-2:51).

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