How Dil Raju Gives Lifeline To Vikram Kumar's Hopes

How Dil Raju Gives Lifeline To Vikram Kumar's Hopes

20 Jul 20 @ 10:39 AM | By GitacharYa

There is no single doubt about the capabilities of Vikram K. Kumar as a filmmaker. But filmmaking is more of business first and art next these days. It is a commercial success that gives value to a star or a filmmaker. Vikram's last couple of films despite generally positive critical response failed to find life at the box office counters. Recently we reported that he had approached Akkineni heir Naga Chaitanya and got a cursory nod for a film.

If the story ended there, we wouldn't have been talking now. Vikram Kumar narrated Chay three stories in three different genres but unfortunately, none of them strike a chord with Naga Chaitanya. Nagarjuna also doesn't seem to be enthusiastic about those stories. But as it was Vikram who gave a beloved classic and a great farewell film for the legendary Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Chay and Nag are willing to trust him for one of the films.

Enter Dil Raju. Dil Raju who is planning to make a film with Naga Chaitanya has offered a story which is with him for sometime to Vikram Kumar to direct. This way, Dil Raju can make a film with Naga Chaitanya and Vikram Kumar wouldn't lose the opportunity to direct Chay at the most opportune moment. Vikram is making a few changes to it which is said to be a family entertainer tentatively titled Thank You. Let's see how things will pan out.

Meanwhile, Tamil actor Suriya’s willing to do a pan-India film with Vikram Kumar if he could deliver a commercial success in the interim.

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