Top Malayalam Horror Movies That Will Leave Anyone Horror-Struck

Top Malayalam Horror Movies That Will Leave Anyone Horror-Struck

26 Dec 18 @ 12:50 PM | By Sunderlal Raja

Horror movies are one genre of films, which will have a deep impact on the audience if it connects really well. We all will have few favorite horror movies that are so good to watch but we won’t watch it until there is someone with us.

During our childhood, we mostly never dared to watch a ghost movie just before going to sleep because let’s face it, we never wanted a nightmare. But in recent times, horror movies have turned into a joke. Most of the so-called ghost, dark magic movies are less of horror and more of comedy, for us. Still, there are quite a few really good and spine-chilling horror movies in Malayalam (let us not compare them with the likes of The Conjuring and The Exorcist).

We went back into the Malayalam film industry’s history and made a list of spooky movies, which includes some of the best Malayalam horror movies of all time. Here we have listed some of the Malayalam horror movies which are so frightening that they will give nightmares even now. Scroll down to find out which are they.

[NB: We have excluded movies which do have the mentioning of spirits/ghosts but are more of psychological thrillers. So don’t expect Yakshi and Manichitrathazhu in this list.]