Hollywood, Get Ready! And Watch-out For Our Superheroes

Hollywood, Get Ready! And Watch-out For Our Superheroes

2 Sep 20 @ 6:45 PM | By Gitacharya & Jilani

Every time we come across the word superhero, we think of Hollywood and the numerous films the American film industry churns out every year. Who’s not in love with the Marvel and DC comic book heroes and superheroes? The likes of Spider-Man, Bat Man, Superman, Iron Man, Thor etc. have become part of our daily conversation as the impossible feats done by them captured our imagination. But how many superhero films come out from Telugu Cinema? And how many of them have become international phenomenon?

But now it seems the story is going to change. We know that All India Star Prabhas is going to play Lord Rama in Adipurush and the film will follow Amar Chitra Katha style. The film will be made on an international scale. And producer C. Aswini Dutt promised Prabhas’ film with Nag Ashwin will be a pan-World film. Also, we know that it’s set in a science fiction backdrop which is never explored in Indian Cinema. It’s also rumoured that Prabhas will play a desi superhero and will do superhuman feats.

Add to this excitement, we also have rumours that N. T. R.’s film with Trivikram may see him in a Bat Man style hero role. Bat Man is a human being without superpowers but uses high-tech gadgets to fight crime and even superhuman villains. Also, superstar Mahesh’s film with Rajamouli promises to be another exciting project. Jakkanna already given hints that he will show Mahesh in a never before seen backdrop. It could even be a James Bond level super spy film.

So, now we can say, Hollywood... beware! Our superheroes are coming.

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