Happy B’day Anupam Kher: His 15 Most Fascinating On Screen Avatar’s

Happy B’day Anupam Kher: His 15 Most Fascinating On Screen Avatar’s

26 Mar 18 @ 4:04 PM | By Ravi

He has played a hero, a comedian, a villain, a gay and what not on screen; Anupam Kher has the distinction of playing almost every character an actor desires to play on screen. Anupam Kher’s movie list consists of many memorable performances and avatars. The versatile actor who has been a recipient of many national and international awards has made us laugh, cry and simply despise himself with a variety of character roles. As the actor turns a year older today, we flashback to some of his most fascinating avatars' which he has donned on screen over the years.

  1. B.V. Pradhan (Saaransh - 1984)

    Anupam’s debut film which made him play a retired former school headmaster who lives along with his wife, who are yet to recover from the loss of their only son. Anupam was only 28 when he played the aged headmaster’s role which had almost gone to Sanjeev Kumar. He bagged that years Filmfare trophy for Best Actor.
  2. Dr. Michael Dang (Karma - 1986)

    He played the head of an international terrorist organization who is out to terminate India, Dilip Kumar and his family. Pitted against the thespian, Anupam was applauded for playing the antagonist. The Thappad ki goonj scene became one of his most memorable scenes of his career.

    Dr. Michael Dang
    Dr. Michael Dang
  3. Yodhraj Bhalla (Vijay - 1988)

    In this Yash Chopra family drama, he played Lala Yodhraj Bhalla, a big builder who loses his son in a plane crash but finds solace in his daughter and grandson. The old man act had to be played by Dilip Kumar but Anupam yet again proved his versatility and walked away with that years Filmfare trophy for best-supporting actor.

  4. Mandhaari (Saudagar - 1991)

    Mandhaari kaka played the peacemaker in this Subhash Ghai directorial between two warring families that of Dilip Kumar and Raaj Kumar, respectively. Anupam as the old man had a few scenes but were powerful enough to leave his mark.
  5. Pinkoo (Mast Kalandar - 1991)

    Anupam’s comic character was the only saving grace in this otherwise forgetful Rahul Rawail film. He played Pinkoo, a gay who is at the back of Prem Chopra for all the wrong reasons. Dhramendra was past his prime by the time the flick hit the screens. 

  6. Kaedo (Heer Ranjha - 1992)

    This Harmesh Malhotra love saga had Anupam playing Kaedo who becomes instrumental in separating both the lovers and finally poisoning Heer in the end. His villainy act was in par with Pran’s who played the same character in Chetan Anand’s Heer Ranjha in 1970.

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  8. Major I.M. Lathi (Shola Aur Shabnam - 1992)

    His comical Hitler act served as the icing to this thrill-a-minute Govinda action comedy entertainer. His scenes with Govinda’s gang were worth a million bucks where he gets fooled. His romantic scenes with Bindu were good enough to tickle your funny bone.
  9. Totaram (Beta - 1992)

    As Aruna Irani’s wicked brother, Totaram had quite a few funny scenes to keep the audiences in splits. The scene where he is electrocuted is one of the highlights of this Anil – Madhuri starrer.
  10. Oberoi (Dushmani: A Violent Love Story - 1995)

    As the treacherous and ruthless Oberoi, Anupam played brother to Manisha Koirala. He was at his villainous best in the entire film as he portrayed the sworn enemy of Jackie Shroff to the hilt.
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  12. M. S. Bhamra (Bend It Like Beckham - 2002)

    A Sikh who is settled in England with his family doesn't want his daughter to take up football as a career. Though he plays the typical Punjabi father but finally gives into his daughter’s wish.
  13. Boney Kapoor / New York Cafe Owner (Jaan-E-Mann - 2006)

    He played a double role that of a lawyer and a café owner in this Salman - Akshay starrer. As a lawyer his played a dwarf who sings and dances with his friends and nephew, Salman.
  14. Laxmikant 'LK' Kabadiya (Buddha Mar Gaya - 2007)

    He plays a corpse, a builder tycoon who dies just before his company goes for an IPO. His greedy sons and daughters-in-law along with other people try to hide his death before the IPO goes public. A laugh-o-riot, the film failed to get the cash registers ringing.
  15. Deshraj / Dr. Vivek Roy (Zokkomon - 2011)

    In this children's superhero film directed by Satyajit Bhatkal and produced by Walt Disney studios, Anupam plays a double role that of an evil uncle with negative shades and the other of a scientist called Magic. Probably, one of his most challenging dual avatar’s on screen.
  16. Vikrant Saigal (Main Tera Hero - 2013)

    Plays an Indian born Bangkok based underworld don who wants Varun Dhawan as his son-in-law. Anupam as the funny don donned a pony tail whose voice echoes after every line of his as he was born in the valley.
  17. Joginder (Dude) Armstrong (Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 - 2013)

    In this Deol dominated film, he played the funny villain in different getups who is supported by Johnny Lever and Sucheta Khanna as his henchmen.