Guesstimating Ravi Teja’s Krack BO In Normal Conditions

Guesstimating Ravi Teja’s Krack BO In Normal Conditions

24 Mar 21 @ 8:04 PM | By GitacharYa

Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja has finally flexed his box office muscles after a long time and gave a memorable hit for Tollywood during the Sankranthi season. The film went on to gross Rs. 65 Cr. worldwide when strict norms were in implementation. The theatres were allowed only 50% of seating capacity. Pandemic and it’s effects were not forgotten. Though the theatres were reopened in October itself, the cinemas haven’t seen any attendance. 

People who were robbed of theatrical viewing experience for about 9 months rushed to the theatres (still following the rules to an extent... as we have seen no major incidents had happened) and the first major film to release in Telugu, Solo Brathuke So Better performed way beyond expectations despite receiving mixed to moderately positive response. Encouraged by the results, 4 films (not considering dubbed ones) hit the screens during the Sankranthi period. 

Among them Ravi Teja starrer Krack emerged an epic blockbuster. As stated above, the worldwide gross of this film has become his highest. The worldwide share of this film was Rs. 39 Cr. Even in Teluguland, the numbers are so so good and stand at Rs. 36.1 Cr. Stellar numbers for any midrange film. And it is the most profitable Ravi Teja film after Kick. All these numbers were when strict 50% attendance rule was in implementation. 

Except for a few rare cases in Tier C and Tier D cities (towns), 50% seating rule was well implemented during that time unlike in Tamil Nadu where Thalapathy Vijay’s film was released without any restrictions despite strong advise from the central government. Initially Krack was expected to hit the OTT within 3 weeks of release. But the craze for the film was such that (collections - share - didn’t fall below Rs. 1 Cr. mark) Aha who bought the streaming rights postponed its release on OTT. 

Obviously, questions rose as to how much this film would have collected if there were no restrictions. But it’s not as easy as just doubling the numbers. There are many factors to be considered including the overseas conditions where till Jathi Ratnalu there wasn’t much Action. So, taking our sweet time with help of our box office pundits, we have guesstimated the numbers in normal conditions post-lockdown. 

The worldwide Gross (Current) which turned out to Rs. 65 Cr. would have been standing at Rs. 90.46 Cr. which pushes this film into one of the all time highest grossing Telugu films. The worldwide share would have increased to Rs. 54.99 Cr. from the current Rs. 39 Cr. The Teluguland numbers would have turned out to be Rs. 50. 18 Cr. (39% increase) from the current Rs. 36.1 Cr. 

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