Get Ready For 2021: Tarak Nama Samvatsaram

Get Ready For 2021: Tarak Nama Samvatsaram

19 Sep 20 @ 4:42 PM

Among the top stars of current generation in Telugu Cinema, he was the only one to score blockbusters before he properly entered the age of twenties. And among the top stars, he was the one with a longer gap between proper industry hits. Unarguably the most talented actor of the 21st century, who’s capable of Navarasas, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Jr. is the one who’s maintaining relative silence during this lockdown period due to Covid-19.

Unlike his colleagues who are making a lot of noise by being in touch with fans with multiple social media posts, Tarak’s social media handles are just a bit more than empty. But he doesn’t need serious social media presence. Nor does he need to be in touch with fans every other day. His fans themselves trend him. Keep him in limelight. But he doesn’t need it too. There’s no first look. There’s not a bit of reveal how his character is going to be. And no character intro video from RRR. But nothing dampens his fans and their spirit.

With a lineup of innovative films with proven star directors, and an eye on the future with pan-India movies, he seems to be slowly planning everything ahead instead of making noise. 2021 May we’ll prove to be Tarak Nama Samvatsaram with RRR and one more movie within a short gap! We can’t wait for the life to get normal.

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