Gemini TV Strikes Gold With Kausalya Krishnamurthy

Gemini TV Strikes Gold With Kausalya Krishnamurthy

3 Nov 20 @ 12:30 PM | By GitacharYa

Kanaa, the Tamil film starring Aishwarya Rajesh and produced by star hero Sivakarthikeyan was released on a golden week of Indian Cinema in 2018. It was a period when about a dozen films released and each of them got positive critical consensus. Tamil Cinema itself saw the release of 4 good films with buzz. But amidst such competition, the Arunraja Kamaraj directorial became a big hit. 

But it's Telugu remake - Kausalya Krishnamurthy - which saw Rajendra Prasad replacing Sathyaraj as heroine's father received great reviews. Virtually zero promotions and deliberately wrong release time (a week before Saaho! Sigh!) made it an average grosser. But this sports film set in the backdrop of farmers' struggle attracted the family audience when aired on television (Gemini TV bought it for Rs. 1.21 Cr.) and went on to register a TRP of 10.13!

Even after three more airings, it's getting solid ratings proving that the makers lost a golden chance by releasing the film at wrong time. Rajendra Prasad and veteran actress and television anchor Jhansi received great praise for their performances while Aishwarya Rajesh's brilliance in acting was rewarded with many offers.

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