FMovies - Online Piracy Hub For Downloading Hollywood Films And Series

FMovies - Online Piracy Hub For Downloading Hollywood Films And Series

26 Dec 18 @ 11:14 AM

FMovies innocuously appears to be a well-constructed free movie streaming website which allows you to watch free movies from various languages with a special focus on the latest Hollywood films, TV shows, and series in different genres. The site says that the users don’t need to register. There are search options sorted by genre, country or the date of release. But at what cost? They specifically say that in order to maintain their site, they need to insert advertisements on their site. None can guarantee when such illegitimate movie streaming websites insert malware. Leaving this aside, watching and downloading movies from unofficial sites like FMovies is not at all a good practice.

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Despite all this and dozens of legal movie streaming sites which come up with cheaper subscription plans, people still tend to use piracy site like this. FMovies is one of the most used online movie piracy websites. Many visitors swear by this site for quality downloads. Like every self-respecting illegal online movie streaming site, FMovies operates from various domain names and the most popular among them is The other most popular domains used by FMovies are:

Fmovies Websites

They even give the users to request various videos through the request form. The majority of the films in FMovies database are popular Hollywood films starring some of the biggest names. Action movies category has the highest number of movies in FMovies website.

Recently FMovies was slapped with a fine to the extent of nearly $200,000 for copyright infringement. The site went down for a few days and then came back live again in a different form as is the case with other such online movie piracy websites. Another amusing aspect is that there are few clones of FMovies available on the internet. Whatever may be the reason for the existence of sites like FMovies and people flocking them, streaming of movies and series unofficially is a crime. The users must be wary of such websites and refrain from watching from the illegal sources.

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