Flashback: Kantha Rao Tells Why People Love Superstar Krishna

Flashback: Kantha Rao Tells Why People Love Superstar Krishna

7 Jul 20 @ 5:19 PM | By GitacharYa

Yesteryear legendary actor Kantha Rao is known for lead roles in folklore films. He is one of the top actors of the golden age of Telugu Cinema and enjoyed stardom alongside N. T. Rama Rao and Akkineni Nageswara Rao during the late 1950s and the 1960s. He had close relationship with both the other legends and was looked upon with respect by the younger generation actors like Krishna and Sobhan Babu.

In his biography and in a few other interviews he narrated two incidents regarding to the now legendary Krishna who was an upcoming star those days. They’ll tell us why Krishna is loved by one and all despite a few professional clashes with him. Kantha Rao shared the screen with the younger Actor in a few films early. At that time Kantha Rao was at the peak of his career as the sword wielding Janapada hero.

But few people wanted to lessen his stardom by encouraging the younger Krishna in folk films. A few producers even tried to promote Krishna and gave him prominent space in the posters when acted alongside Kantha Rao. But when he found that Kantha Rao was undermined, he went to the senior actor and told him, “You know I’ll pay for a ticket in block to watch you fighting with sword. Just don’t mind these politics.” The senior actor fondly remembered this and said, Krishna never minds anything and doesn’t take issues to his heart. He knows what he’s capable of.

In another incident, Kantha Rao had to attend a function related to an Akkineni film. On the same day he was asked to join the shoot of an NTR film. But as he had committed to ANR film first, he attended the function. NTR was disappointed with this and removed him from his film. At the same time, Krishna who was producing a couple of films asked Kantha Rao to act in his films. Interestingly, Krishna asked Kantha Rao despite being advised not to rope in Kantha Rao as he’s shunned by NTR.

Later all the issues sorted out and forgotten, all worked together in other films.

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