Best Feel Good Bollywood Movies That’ll Light Up Your Day

Best Feel Good Bollywood Movies That’ll Light Up Your Day

9 Jul 18 @ 3:38 PM

Tired of all those action flicks, sick of all those sleazy stuff and fed up of all those double-meaning so called comedies, then it’s time to get your act right and look at some feel good movies. Call them feel good movies, family entertainers or tearjerkers, this genre movies are often the neglected lot which do come once in a while but if watched helps you forget everything else.

These Bollywood movies are basically family entertainers have been more prevalent in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and thereafter. These films though serve as respite for some of the audiences but hardly find a place among the all time highest grossers in Bollywood movies. Films are after all made to entertain us and relate to it and its characters while giving us a cinematic experience at the same time but feel good movies stay with us for a long time and there isn’t any shame in watching them. These films do bring us joy by making us feel better at the same time. We do go on to recommend them to your like-minded friends no matter how it performs at the box office.

So, which of the recent releases have been your favourite feel good Bollywood movies? In case you are trying hard to figure them out, check out the list of best feel good Bollywood movies that can come in handy to watch whenever you feel low or are down in the dumps. Watching these films are bound to guarantee a little sunshine into your life with a smile.

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