Fears On Pan-India Casting For Prabhas Nag Ashwin Film Are Meaningless

Fears On Pan-India Casting For Prabhas Nag Ashwin Film Are Meaningless

15 Oct 20 @ 6:26 PM | By GitacharYa & Jilani

Sentiments and thinking about what happened in the immediate previous film always play games on the minds of the makers, actors, and even the fans. That is the reason why many people run after those who are in success rather than those who have ability. An actor who has a hit movie behind has more demand than the one who has a recent flop. The same is applicable to the directors too.

Sentiments play an important role in setting combinations for movies. All India Star Prabhas is the reigning national superstar in India courtesy the gigantic success of Baahubali movies. The roaring success of his previous film Saaho in the Northern belt made his latest films Radhe Shyam, Adipurush, and the high budget international class movie with Nag Ashwin the talk of the industries across India.

While Deepika Padukone is confirmed as the lead lady, the makers - Vyjayanthi Movies announced Shahenshah of Indian Cinema Amitabh Bachchan in a prominent role. While the union of two biggest superstars of Indian Cinema obviously received glorious welcome from movie buffs, there are murmurs from some circles that Prabhas is concentrating only on Bollywood actors for his films than encouraging local talent. They are citing a host of Bollywood actors from Saaho who are unable to contribute to the success of the Sujeet directed action thriller.

While Saaho was mostly made with pan-India audience in mind with more orientation of launching Prabhas properly in Bollywood without getting entangled in the Bolly nexus, this Nag Ashwin movie is an international film aimed at the world audience as producer C. Ashwini Dutt himself has stated multiple times. Instead of casting a foreigner, the makers selected an Indian actress who has international stardom. When it comes to matching the star status and charisma of actors like Prabhas and Deepika, Amitabh is the right personality.

Who else in the local industries are capable of serving the character rightly and also take a backseat to the lead actor except Amitabh? Apart from that he can manipulate his image to the benefit of the film. Now, coming to Nag Ashwin, he has time and again proved that he can cast the right actors into the right characters. Not just Mahanati, even his first film proved this point emphatically. So, the fears of fans and murmurs of anties are misplaced. Better trust the judgement of the filmmaker.

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