Extraordinarily Amazing Coincidence In The Careers Of Tarak Mahesh PK

Extraordinarily Amazing Coincidence In The Careers Of Tarak Mahesh PK

8 Sep 20 @ 5:39 PM | By GitacharYa

The setup

Leave aside Chiranjeevi and his contemporaries.

Who are the top 3 actors in Telugu? Obviously superstar Mahesh Babu, Young Tiger N. T. R., and Stylish Star Allu Arjun. But what about Pawan Kalyan? He's not yet doing films (of course in shooting for now). Either in terms of variety of films, craze among fans, and records... These 4 are a class apart. As of now. Among these 4, have you ever observed a super crazy coincidence in the careers of Mahesh, Pawan Kalyan, and Tarak?

Let me tell you

Pawan Kalyan started his career with Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi as Chiranjeevi's younger brother. A star kid. But he has scored a big blockbuster with Tholi Prema and has come out of his big brother's Mega shadow. Remember this. Mahesh started his career as the son of the legendary superstar Krishna with Rajakumarudu. He scored an authentic big hit with Muraari and came out of the tag of a star kid and had established himself as a legitimate star hero. Tarak has started his career as Nandamuri heir with Ninnu Chudalani. He then scored an outright super hit with Aadi and came out of the shadow of his legacy.

Tholi Prema! Rajakumarudu! Aadi! Anything special rings? All right! Let me state the obvious. All these films are the 4th films in their careers. Amazing? Right?

Before The Big Reveal

Now let's jump into something bigger. But before that, just observe another point. Pawan Kalyan and NTR's debut films didn't give them desired results while Mahesh's first film was a super hit. But Pawan Kalyan and Tarak scored good hits with their second films while Mahesh's second film was a disappointment. Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh's 8th films failed at the time of release. Coincidentally NTR's 8th film too failed. But Mahesh and PK's films gained cult following over time. Johnny, Nijam, and Andhrawala.

Now the biggest coincidence

NTR became a care of address of Mass films and he is what he is now with Simhaadri. His first true blockbuster which elevated him to superstardom. Mahesh's stardom rose to the next level with Okkadu and paved way for him to become the reigning superstar of Tollywood. And we know Pawan Kalyan's Khushi-mania. This film made him what he is now. Unprecedented fan following. 

All these three films are the 7th films in their career

Khushi remains a textbook example of how to make a screenplay based film. Okkadu remains a textbook example of how to make an action entertainer. Simhaadri is the textbook example of how to make a mass masala entertainer. No need to say all three films boast of some of the all time best albums. Interestingly Bhumika Chawla is the lead actress in all three films.

Ta ta!

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