EXCLUSIVE: Salaar Prabhas: What, When, And Why Of Prasanth Neel Film

EXCLUSIVE: Salaar Prabhas: What, When, And Why Of Prasanth Neel Film

3 Dec 20 @ 11:44 AM | By GitacharYa

Prasanth Neel is the name of the filmmaker every top star from every film industry has been observing with eagle eyes. Every statement of his. Every movement of his. And every gesture of his. The reason, it may seem peripherally, might be KGF: Chapter 1. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. He started his journey with the Kannada film Ugramm. A typical mass masala commercial entertainer made in an atypical manner. 

Again, on the surface that film starring his own brother-in-law Sri Murali (after being rejected by him for a couple of times due to his inexperience, he observed Sri Murali closely for over a year and crafted the screenplay for Ugramm) may appear like a clone of Baassha and other similar genre films. But the treatment by Prashanth and the elevations he had choreographed for the protagonist made all the difference. The film was recognised as a classic in the mafia genre. 

Why all of a sudden we’re talking about this film? This is the same film that forms the basis of All India Star Prabhas’ movie with Prasanth Neel. Yesterday their combination and the title of the film were announced. 


Sounding very powerful, and Prabhas’ appearance and looks making the poster all the more captivating, it has thrilled the movie buffs as much as it rose concerns. Prabhas already has three pan-India films lined up. Of those, two are aimed to be marketed across the world. When and where he can spend time on Salaar sets and adjust the dates? That’s not for us to think about. It’s his issue. 

But the pressing question is: what is Salaar’s meaning. 

Salaar means Leader

Or typically a Sardar. 

It also sounds like the title of the controversial Indian politician Salahuddin Owaisi whose title was: Salar-e-Millat. So, after watching the movie Ugramm, we assume there are good chances that Salaar is an upgraded version of that film. Prabhas’ previous adventures with mafia/don style films failed. But his current image, and sky high stardom plus the pan-India nature of the film give us hopes. 

One thing this writer has observed is: Prasanth Neel may be a filmmaker who’s depending on older stories but his treatment is novel and the way he projects his heroes satiates the thirst of the fans to see their heroes in larger than life roles. And inherently, human beings want to experience the higher dimensions of human power. That’s why they love to listen to, watch, or read stories about great and valorous heroes. Or even adore them. 

The tag line gives it all: 

The most violent men
Called one man
The most violent 

Can’t get better than this. 

Finally, as Prabhas’ official social media pages confirm, the shoot commences from January 2021. Hence, we can assume, the film may be slated for Sankranthi 2022 release (2023 release is ruled out for obvious reasons).

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