Watch And Enjoy 6 Filmfare Award-Winning Performances Of Dhanush

Watch And Enjoy 6 Filmfare Award-Winning Performances Of Dhanush

14 Dec 18 @ 10:34 AM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Dhanush is one of the most versatile actors in Kollywood. His malleability to adapt himself to various roles is quite an interesting talent that he possesses. This uncommon ability has landed him various types of roles which made him a bigshot in Kollywood. His meteoric success has earned him numerous awards & various honorary nominations. It's interesting to note that this two-time National Award winner has garnered six filmfare awards. The filmfare awards are given away to the candidates who get the maximum number of votes in a category. Keeping that in mind, winning six filmfare awards shows how compelling Dhanush's acting is. Let's reminisce his award-winning performances which've been listed below.

  1. Aadukulam

    Dhanush is a cock-breeder and trainer in this film. He is incriminated in a crime case by his mentor who cannot bear to see his protege become much more successful than he. How Dhanush gets back at his mentor forms the rest of the film. There is one scene which the viewer should watch out for which is part where Tapsee chooses Dhanush over another guy. His ecstatic expressions are value for money and it shows how good he is at emoting at different feelings. He garnered the Filmfare Award for the Best Actor- Tamil. You watch Aadukulam on Sunnxt.

  2. Raanjhanaa

    Dhanush debuted in Bollywood with 'Raanjhana' which is a love tragedy film. His undying love and his determination to redeem himself in Sonam Kapoor's view are heart-touching. The ending voice-over will well your eyes with tears. Every romantic film buff and Dhanush fan should watch this film. His performance won him Filmfare Award for the Best Male Debut. You can watch Raanjhanaa on Erosnow.

  3. Mariyan

    Dhanush exploited his lean physique in this film by donning the role of a fisherman who goes abroad to financially support his ladylove. However, he is about to return to native village, he is taken hostage by terrorists and demand a hefty sum in return of his freedom. How he returns back to ladylove forms the rest of the story. Dhanush's gripping performance in this film won him. Watch the Telugu version below.

  4. VIP (Raghuvaran B.Tech)

    VIP is one of those films which can be instantly connected to the real life. Dhanush is an unemployed engineer who is looked down by his family. After desperately scouring for a job, he gets one in the unexpected way. But, what made this performance so special was his complex portrayal of desperation, anguish, anger and determination. His performance right royally won him the Filmfare Award for the Best Actor- Tamil.

  5. 3 (Three)

    Dhanush acted under his wife's direction for the first time. In this romantic film, Dhanush has to portray intense feelings as he suffers from bipolar disorder. The actor had to emote intense feelings from time to time and he didn't falter at any moment. His concern for his ladylove and his anger towards the people who endanger her happiness are well portrayed. Also, his song 'Why this Kolaveri Di', which has been touted as the most popular video by YouTube, became a raging sensation. He won the Filmfare Award for the Best Actor- Tamil and the Filmfare award for the Best Male Playback Singer.

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