Do You Know With Whom Sukumar Is Planning Jagadam Remake?

Do You Know With Whom Sukumar Is Planning Jagadam Remake?

15 Mar 21 @ 7:09 PM | By GitacharYa

Creative Director Sukumar seems to love his film Jagadam particularly well. It was one of the best gangster films made in Telugu. But at the time of its release the film wasn’t received well and disappointed at the box office. But over time, the film gained a cult status and is now termed a classic by the film pundits and fans alike. The realistic portrayal of human psychology - how kids easily gets influenced by violence and power. It also discussed the perils of being a gangster.

Ram Pothineni who just made his debut into Tollywood with blockbuster Devadasu tasted a failure with the film. But despite his relatively younger age, he aced the role like no other. Sukumar earlier envisioned Allu Arjun in the role. The film still remains an ailing failure for Sukku is apparent. Now, he is in the plans of remaking the film on a larger canvas. Do you know who he wants to play the lead role? Ram himself. Speaking about this, Sukumar allegedly said: He is full of energy. He never said no to any sequence or act. He is a quick learner and energetic on the sets. I intend to remake Jagadam again with Ram. I wish to see him in Jagadam again.

This indeed is a great compliment to actor Ram. And a great news for the fans of both the filmmaker and the fans. But will the film work out this time? Granted, Telugu audience matured. Jagadam which was ranked by us as the 6 best among the 7 films of Sukumar for a reason. But if made on a comparatively smaller budget on a pan-India scale, the film may click and turn out profitable as such films are generally well received in Kerala and Tamil Nadu alongside the North Indian multiplexes.

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