8 Tollywood Directors Who Reinvented Brahmanandam

8 Tollywood Directors Who Reinvented Brahmanandam

20 Mar 18 @ 4:18 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Brahmanandam. That name itself brings a smile. This comedian, who used to play supporting roles in the beginning, has now become an integral part in almost every Telugu movie and in it's comedy scenes. However, this radical change didn’t happen overnight. This Guinness World Record holder has been re-invented by various Telugu directors. These reinventions kept Bhramanandam’s comical antics fresh and funny. Listed below are some of Brahmanandam comedy clips where he was reinvented successfully.

  1. Jandhyala

    Brahmanandam debuts as Ara Gundu in this movie. Named after his hair style, this character stammers whenever he has to describe a disgusting quality of his master (Kota Srinavasa Rao). Also, Ara Gundu dislikes his master to a great extent. Cinegoers laughed at Jandhyala comedy scenes, to their hearts content whenever his inner self spoke aloud. Director Jandhyala deserves a pat for moulding this debutante into a successful comedian. After this, few Brahmanandam and Jandhyala combination movies hit the screens quite often.

  2. Rajamouli

    Brahmanandam is Ravi Teja’s sidekick. He and Ravi Teja churn out some of best evergreen jokes. The scene where Brahmi confronts a police officer is an all-time classic. S. S. Rajamouli directed these Raviteja and Brahmanandam comedy sequences so hilariously that these become a must watch for every Brahmi fan.

    S.S. Rajamouli
  3. EVV Satyanarayana

    What if the weaker sex becomes the stronger one? Jambalakidi Pamba shows us that. Brahmanandam plays the role of widow who is emotionally unsecure. He and Kota Sreenivasa Rao essay their roles deftly in this EVV Satyanarayana entertainer. Kudos to EVV for casting Brahmi as a widow in this comical movie. Brahmi did his role with a lot of conviction. Watch this Brahmanandam and EVV Satyanarayana Combination.

  4. Ram Gopal Varma

    Brahmandam is a shrewd thief called Michael Jackson. He is a no-nonsense criminal. However, it isn’t his name or attitude that makes us laugh. What is funny is that he becomes the savior of the lead actors. He, comically, chases away the goons and police away. The audiences are bound to laugh whenever he says, “Pen anukunnava? Gun!”. Ram Gopal Varma took a gutsy step when he decided to make Brahmanandam as the saviour. The gutsy step earned him a Nandi award for his performance.

  5. K. Vijaya Bhaskar

    Brahmanandam plays an untitled diabetic man who is overly cautious. Despite his cautious nature, he often falls prey to hilarious misadventures. However, director Vijaya Bhaskar did something unique in this movie. It is Brahmanandam who changes the entire course of the movie. By entrusting a critical task, Bhaskar did something new.

  6. Srinu Vaitla

    Srinu Vaitla churned out a lot of fun when he cast Brahmananadam as Chary, a helpess accountant who works for a goon. His boring yet peaceful life is disturbed by Babloo (Vishnu) who is in love with the goon’s daughter (Genelia). Babloo’s love advances cause Chary a lot of stress. The scene where Chary loses control of himself is just hilarious. Even Brahmanandam has said that Chary is one of his favourite roles. This combination created more comedy scenes in Telugu. There are few more films in Brahmanandam Srinu Vaitla combination which includes Venky, Dubai Seenu, Ready, Namo Venkatesha, Dookudu, Baadshah and Aagadu.

    Srinu Vaitla
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  8. V. V. Vinayak

    Brahmanandam is a womanizing purohith, who is NTR Jr sidekick. Hilarity ensues when both of them realize that they love the same girl (Nayanthara). The problem starts when Nayanthara loves NTR jr. It is then Brahmi decides to foil their relation. However, he fails comically. Director Vinayak deserves a pat for essaying the NTR Jr. and Brahmi relation well. Also, he reinvented Brahmi as a womanizer. It was good to see this star comedian in a different role. This role’s influence can be seen in his Attarinitki Daredi role, Badham Bhaskar.

    V. V. Vinayak
  9. Surender Reddy

    When a viewer is seeing this movie, he/she will certainly get the doubt whether Brahmanandam is the real hero of this movie. His role Kill Bill Pandey is a hot-blooded police officer who yearns to end the mafia raj of Shiva Reddy (Ravi Kishan). Being a serious police officer, he doesn’t crack any jokes. It is this work minded seriousness which makes the audience laugh. Director Surender Reddy succeeded in giving a new onscreen persona to Brahmanandam.

    Surender Reddy