Didda- The Warrior Queen of Kashmir Row: Everything Happened By Far

Didda- The Warrior Queen of Kashmir Row: Everything Happened By Far

19 Jan 21 @ 3:36 PM | By Sayanee Gupta

Kangana Ranaut is gearing up for yet another historical magnum opus. On 14th January, the actress announces her next Manikarnika Returns: The Legend of Didda based on the life of the warrior queen of Kashmir who ruled the valley from 980 CE to 1003 CE as a regent of her son in the initial days and as an empress afterward. 

The news dropped like a bomb, however, not all the reactions were positive. Ashish Koul, the author of Didda- The Warrior Queen of Kashmir, who researched and penned the book on the queen called out Kangana for Violation Of Copyright. Here is what followed.

Koul, who claims sole copyright over Didda's story, has sent Kangana a legal notice for violation of copyright ad demanded a prompt reply within 72 hours. 

According to him, he had approached Kangana to write a foreword for the Hindi version of his book through mails. However, he never got a reply. In his words, "She has blatantly violated my sole rights; it is illegal and an absolute violation of the IPR and copyright laws of the same country that she swears by." He slammed her for "belittling" Didda. 

Koul's lawyer's statement reads, “Our Client was further appalled to discover that the nature and treatment of the character of Didda in the Proposed Film, was identical to the Narrative Text, the Book and the information communicated by Our Client in his e-mail of 11 September 2020. To add further insult to injury, Kangana Ranaut and Kamal Kumar Jain have since issued public statements alleging that their proposed film is not based on the book.”

Kaul also complained that Kangana’s fans have trolled and abused him on social media. His notice mentions, "[He] has suffered extreme mental anguish." 


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