Did Pay-Per-Click Model Worked For Salman Khan's Film Radhe?

Did Pay-Per-Click Model Worked For Salman Khan's Film Radhe?

21 May 21 @ 3:28 PM | By Sayanee Gupta

Salman Khan's Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai has been one of the most hyped movies since 2020. The film finally had a hybrid release hitting the theatres and on the digital platform on the same day. However, with the second wave of Covid affecting the nation and most of the states are currently under lockdown, the focus was on the pay-per-click module which was introduced with this Prabhu Deva directorial.

No wonder the Zee Plex saw huge traffic on the film's release day which caused an issue with its server for a while. Zee has announced that the film saw 4.2 million views across its online and DTH platforms on day one. However, they have not mentioned how many among the 4.2 million views have translated into a real purchase. 

On the other hand, on Pay Per Click platform an entire family can watch the film at Rs 249, while theatres, will definitely charge for every individual. Thus, it is quite difficult to measure the success of the movie only with the number of e-ticket sales. Adding to it, the popularity of online platforms are still limited to the urban areas of India while Salman Khan's mass appeal does wonder in the suburbs and rural areas. These areas remained unaddressed this time. 

 Zee has also upscaled their offer with a package deal worth Rs 499 to watch the film as well as get OTT subscription for a year. But, it seems, it won't be adding much to the collection.

If the reports are to be believed, Radhe is facing a hard time recovering its investment. Even with the box office overseas, achieving a high-profit margin looks quite unlikely even for the Bhai of Bollywood. The PPC model might look promising and a convenient option in the tough time, it still has its shortcomings. Radhe release was a huge experiment. In the future, makers can follow the module but only after some necessary update.  

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