Debacle In Theatres ... But Hit On OTT

Debacle In Theatres ... But Hit On OTT

27 Apr 21 @ 5:46 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

It was proven many times that the judgement of Telugu audience is very perfect. Nevertheless, of the cast, budget, language, and other factors, if the film deals with a good subject, they make the cash register ring and make it a hit. But there are also several instances, where their judgement was proved wrong. Despite a good subject, many times we see a film going unnoticed in cinema halls.

One recent perfect example is Nagarjuna's Wild Dog. Critics and early reviews were decent for the film, but they failed to help the film mint the moolah. Ending its theatrical run in a very short span, Wild Dog dropped on Netflix recently. Ever since the day one of digital premiere, Wild Dog is topped the trending charts and is doing wonders. Not just the Telugu version, but the Tamil version is also getting a humongous viewership.

Kartikeya and Lavanya Tripathi's Chaavu Kaburu Challaga is the other recent Telugu films that created wonders in terms of digital viewership. Released on Aha last weekend, the film bagged 100M views in just 72 hours. But the same film tanked at the box-office with very minimal collections. May be addition of few scenes to the OTT version has helped the film achieve this milestone.

Besides, these two films, Sharwanand's Sreekaram which ended as a disaster despite high expectations and promotions, is also receiving a good response upon its digital premiere. The film deals with an agricultural backdrop which made many audiences evade the film on silver screens. But the OTT release proved that good content always gets recognition.

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