Dear Star Heroes, Why Averse To Encourage New Subjects?

Dear Star Heroes, Why Averse To Encourage New Subjects?

24 Dec 20 @ 4:46 PM | By GitacharYa & Jilani

Remakes have been in the existence since the very beginning of the longer length films as older shorter films are made on huge canvas with expanded storytelling. That is one thing. On the other hand we have remakes which are considered short cut to commercial success.

It is one thing to bring a brilliant film from one language to the other to show our own people a great film within our nativity and its another thing to depend on a successful formula for a sure shot commercial hit. As such our star heroes including Mega Star Chiranjeevi have been depending on remakes these days. About 60 plus percentage of Pawan Kalyan's movies are remakes. Is it that these star heroes think remakes are already proven subjects and less risk is involved?

Nowadays there are more than a dozen remakes that are in various stages of production. Even youngsters are preferring remakes. To the contrary, young filmmakers are running away from remakes as they think that they won't get much recognition for remakes. Why not encourage newer brains and newer subjects?

Star heroes are those who are in position to take risks. But as a majority of the stars are doing a single film a year, the impact of the risk is more. But the simple solution is to encourage medium budget films with original concepts. Making two films a year. One big budget crowd pleaser and one mid range experimental films which are peppered with commercial elements but narration is grounded.

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