Dear Star Heroes! Why Are You Averse To Experimenting?

Dear Star Heroes! Why Are You Averse To Experimenting?

13 Aug 20 @ 5:54 PM | By Gitacharya & Jilani

Every time a Vijay Antony film is in news, Telugu audience get excited. Granted! His market has decreased since Bichagaadu days. But he’s taken notice of seriously every time. Why? The reason is he has give a strong impression that he always comes up with out of the box subjects. He played positive roles. He played negative roles. He played grey-shade roles. All despite being a limited actor (who can be called a single expression actor).

But what about Tollywood heroes? Especially the star heroes? Majority of them don’t experiment. Let’s take the case of Mega Star Chiru. He couldn’t even believe in Telugu filmmakers. So much so that he planned a remake as his most prestigious 150th film which was advertised as Boss Is Back! When boss is back why couldn’t he come up with something new? If the industry’s numero uno couldn’t bring audience to the theatres experimenting, who could?

Till 1: Nenokkadine superstar Mahesh used to do films with novel or innovative subjects. Then started the safe game he’s still. Unable to come out of. For Allu Arjun, being different means a new hair style or a different screen presence. Even his best role till now, Gona Ganna Reddy feels artificial rather than rooted in Telangana culture the film was grounded in. Granted he experimented here and there. Until very recently, Young Tiger N. T. R. - the best actor of this generation had banked on routine mass subjects than giving the audience a new experience.

When Hollywood stars have been experimenting left right and centre in various budget categories and someone like Akshay Kumar has been taking risks with every film, why not our Telugu heroes? Okay! Experiments failed. But are all the commercial films successful? Part of the problem lies with the fans too. Even those who watch offbeat world films and highly experimental Korean films don’t accept their star heroes playing a weak or common man who struggles to keep his daily life intact.

Do you know the Korean superstar Choi Min-sik? Despite commanding the highest fan following, he played all sorts of roles from a cruel serial killer, a common man who gets beaten to pulp by everyone, a corrupted police official and what not! Name any genre, he has a Film in it. Name any type of role. He has done it. Versatility is the buzz word. When he was playing the most loved Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. acted in secondary roles with ease.

So, to conclude, an actor who calls himself a star has a duty towards his fans and that is giving them something unique. Not the rehash of the same. Yes. Commercial films are a must. But at least alternate films should be on a smaller budget with novel subject. Why not?

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