Dear Leaders! Don't Provoke Public In Wrong Direction

Dear Leaders! Don't Provoke Public In Wrong Direction

2 Nov 20 @ 6:13 PM | By Jilani & Bindusri Meduri

If any film possesses scenes that hurt the sentiments of a particular section of people, public can either file a lawsuit or approach the film unit to remove such episodes. But, unfortunately, for the mere sake of publicity, a section of people show their outrage on social platforms by issuing threat statements to the film unit. What's more shameful is, even the political leaders who should guide the public are also following the same path. 

Even before the RRR started rolling, Darsaka Dheera SS Rajamouli told media that it is a fictional film on two freedom fighters Alluri Seetharamaraju and Komaram Bheem, and their friendship (which is completely imaginary, as in real life they never met each other, and are from two different times in the history). In such a case, he has all the rights to experiment with anything be it the story or its characters. Not understanding this fact, a few people started objecting to the scenes of Rajamouli showing Jr NTR in a Muslim avatar (which might be a disguise). 

Very recently, BJP Adilabad MP Soyam Bapurao warned that if Rajamouli failed to remove those scenes from the film, public would attack and burn down the theatres after the film's release. And now, BJP state president Bandi Sanjay Kumar, addressing an election rally at Dubbaka, issued a warning to Rajamouli that if he made a film humiliating the name of Komaram Bheem, he would be beaten to death after the release.

How far is it acceptable to make such provocative statements being in constitutional positions? Does it make any sense? If political leaders are making such open dramas for the mere sake of publicity, will common people stay quiet and listen/follow them? Certainly not, and netizens started to raise voice on those leaders' remarks and are questioning them for making provocative statements instead of approaching the film crew or taking legal action on the film unit.

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