Dear Jathi Ratnam, Star Rating Is Not Given For Stars

Dear Jathi Ratnam, Star Rating Is Not Given For Stars

20 Mar 21 @ 6:36 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

Success and failure are part and parcel of life. People often quote this and of course, they do so when they are going through a lean patch. It takes maturity to say such things when one’s in success. It takes a lot to find success in one’s life. It takes more than double that effort to continue it. In general, people often stay humble and act humble before their success. But after attaining success, they tend to go overboard knowingly or unknowingly. The same seems to have been the case with our Jathi Ratnam Naveen Polishetty.

With the blockbuster success of the film, all the three leads - Naveen Polishetty, Priyadarshi, and Rahul Ramakrishna - were invited to grace the initial episode of Rana's No1 Yaari show. Although the episode was fun filled with laughter, jokes and punches, our Jathi Rathnalu made some controversial statements. Especially Naveen Polishetty, he went a bit overboard when Rana asked about the critics. What appears like uncanny statements, have certainly crossed the line when he asked asked who are critics and what qualify them? Not stopping there, Naveen also made sarcastic comments. Will they give stars to stars? Will anyone give light to the sun? This triggered a debate on heroes staying humble before the release and becoming frivolous after tasting a success.

Unfortunately, Naveen has missed the point that no critic gives star ratings to the stars directly , but they rate the performance of the actors based on information they assessed. Critics may not always influence the result of the films but when they give positive ratings for the films, the same actors and makers who question critics when they fail use those ratings and good words as advertisement for their film. Why such hypocrisy? Without media, where’s the publicity for the films in the first place?

Naveen Polishetty
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